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Steel Recycling

Steel scraps are processed in facilities such as a guillotine (cutting), press (compression), gas cutter (cutting) and transport cutter (cutting) depending on their characteristics and delivered to electric furnace manufacturers as steelmaking raw materials.

Guillotine processing (cutting) Guillotine processing (cutting)3
Long materials such as iron plates, pipes and H steel are cut in sizes specified by the next receivers of the materials.
Guillotine processing (cutting)1 arrow Guillotine processing (cutting)2
Compression(Briquetting) Compression(Briquetting)3
Thin materials such as empty cans and trimming scraps are compressed, reduced in volume and made into a box shape.
Compression(Briquetting)1 arrow Compression(Briquetting)2
Gas Dismantlement(cutting) Gas Dismantlement(cutting)3
Large and thick materials such as heavy machinery and tanks that cannot be processed with a guillotine are cut into small pieces using gas.
Gas Dismantlement(cutting) arrow Gas Dismantlement(cutting)
Transport cutter (cutting) Transport cutter (cutting)3
Long and relatively thin section steel and pipes are cut into short pieces using a hydraulic excavator equipped with a cutting device.
Transport cutter (cutting)1 arrow Transport cutter (cutting)2

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