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The 2nd Koga Plant

The 2nd Koga Plant
ISO14001 certified

14-1 Okazato, Koga, Ibaraki 306-0206 Japan
Phone: +81 280-98-1177
Total area : 6,965m2

Nonferrous metal yard
Neighboring our Koga Plant, it plays the role of a nonferrous metal yard. The second sorting plant was established in April 2008. An air separator was installed in April 2009, which greatly contributes to the improvement of our processing capacity.
The second sorting line The 2nd Koga Plant
The second sorting line
Air Separator
Air Separator
Materials (10-30 mm) are further sorted with an air separator,
from which nonferrous metals are collected.
The 2nd Koga Plant Stainless steel pipes
Stainless steel pipes

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