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Okazato Plant

Okazato Plant
ISO14001 certified
ISO14001 certified

10-3 Okazato, Koga, Ibaraki 306-0206 Japan
Phone: +81 280-98-1151
Fax: +81 280-98-1152
Total area: 18,883m² / Office: 269.79m² / Plant buildings: 972m² / Training center: 878.54m²

Designated industrial waste treatment facility
Crush Processing
Crush Processing Diagram
●Weigh station 80t 1 unit
●New Wide Shear 1000 1 unit
●Baling Press 30 1 unit
●Hydraulic excavators
1.2 Magne Ace (Shin
    Caterpillar Mitsubishi)
1 unit
0.4 Fork Yumbo (Shin
    Caterpillar Mitsubishi)
1 unit
0.9 Magne Yumbo (Shin
    Caterpillar Mitsubishi)
1 unit
1.2 Magne Yumbo
1 unit
0.7 Yumbo Cutter (Kobelco) 1 unit
1.2 Grapple Yumbo
    High Arm (Kobelco)
1 unit
Alligator shear 1 unit
Okazato Plant1 Okazato Plant2
●Business-use cars 2 units
●Large trucks 6 units
●Truck 9t (Hiab) 1 unit
●Truck 7t 1 unit
●Truck 1t 1 unit
●Forklifts 4 units
●Shovel loaders 2 units
●Sweeper 1 unit

★Completion of the office building at Okazato Plant

Gate 1 Gate 2

Gates: designed by Professor Shinohara of Tokyo University of the Arts

The gates of Okazato Plant were produced with the image of the natural environment.

Okazato Plant has “Midori no Mon (Green Gates)” designed to reflect the image of the global environment and forest preservation, which were produced by Tokyo University of the Arts.
Thirty five eight-meter-tall palm trees have been planted along the road, which represents our commitment as an operator of recycling business related to the environment.

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