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Koga Okazato Group

The former Sowa Plant moved into the site of Okazato Plant and changed the name to Koga Okazato Group.

10-3 Okazato, Koga, Ibaraki 306-0206
Phone: +81 280-98-1234
Fax: +81 280-98-1710


Being positioned as a home appliance recycling plant, we have stable business with 15 home appliance recycling plants throughout Japan. (As of January 2009)
In particular, we focus on compressor processing and have established a processing scheme that takes into account the proper processing within the country and the natural environment to ensure reliability and trust for our clients.
●Weight station 50t 1 unit
●HS-800 Crusher 1 unit
●Ceiling crane 2.8t 1 unit
●Shell cutters 2 units
●Coil cutter 1 unit
●Coil puller 1 unit
●Plasma disassembly
●Neodymium extractor
Sowa Plant Facilities1 Sowa Plant Facilities2
HS-800 Crusher Shell cutters Larger view
Coil puller and Coil cutter Plasma disassembly
Coil puller (Left)  Coil cutter (Right) Larger view Plasma disassembly
Neodymium extractor Products
Neodymium extractor
●Business-use car 1 unit
●Forklifts 5 units
●Sweeper 1 unit
●Shovel loader 1 unit

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