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1970 Established Taguchi Shoten in Sowa, Ibaraki
(present Koga).
1971 Operation began at Shinjuku Plant. Dollar Crisis recession
1973   Oil Crisis
1974 Incorporated as Taguchi Metals Corporation
Made Shinjuku Plant the head plant.
1977 Operation began at Ibaraki Plant (Kitatone Industrial Park)
Established Japan Recycling Metals Co., Ltd.
(Nippon Saisei Kinzoku).
1978 Established Taguchi Sansho Co. Ltd.
1980 10th Anniversary of Taguchi Metals
1983 Constructed the Taguchi Metals Group Building (Nakaochiai, Shinjuku Ward)
1987 Sowa Plant relocation (sold and relocated from the Kitatone Industrial Park). 60-ton weigh station
1988 Dissolved Japan Recycling Metals Co., Ltd.
1989 Operation began at Tsukuba Plant. 60-ton weigh station
1990 Established Yokohama Office.
1992 Closed Yokohama Office.
1993 Established Nonferrous metal sorting plant at Ibaraki (Sowa) Plant
1996 Installed guillotine press at Tsukuba Plant
1998 Operation began at Ibaraki New Yard (present Koga Plant). 80-ton weigh station
2000 Obtained a general construction work license
(Tokyo Metropolis).
2001 Obtained a right to direct sales to Tokyo Steel
Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Utsunomiya Plant.
Obtained tender single qualification for every ministry and agency (Grade A).
2002 Obtained an industrial waste treatment license for Tsukuba Plant.
Closed the head plant (for the construction of Metropolitan
Expressway Central Circular Shinjuku Route).
2003 Registered disassembly business (Ibaraki pref.)
Constructed Ibaraki New Yard office building and plant building.
2004 Obtained ISO 14001 certification
<4 locations: head office, Koga Plant, Sowa Plant and Tsukuba Plant>
Obtained an automobile demolition and recycling
license for Tsukuba Plant.
2005 Obtained a certification for recycled material export to China.
Changed plant names due to city/town mergers.
<Koga Plant (former Ibaraki new Yard) and Sowa Plant
(former Ibaraki Plant)>

Registered as an industrial waste recycler
(Ibaraki Pref.)
2007 Operation began at the 2nd Koga Plant.
Operation began at Okazato Plant.
Steel and aluminum can processing plant established, Guillotine press installed.
80-ton weigh station
2008 Okazato Plant is completed
2009 All offices obtained ISO 14001 certification
(new for Okazato and the 2nd Koga Plants)
2010 Additions and renovation of the 2nd Koga Plant building
2011 Installed 100kw solar power generation equipment at the Okazato Plant
Installed a second sorting line equipment and an air gravity separator at the 2nd Koga Plant
Obtained an industrial waste treatment license for Okazato Plant.
2012 Tsukuba plant, rebuilding office, 80-ton weigh station, radiation detector installed.
Sowa Plant, installation of Neodymium extraction machine and core shearing machine.
2013 Koga Plant, 111.6 kilowatts solar energy generation equipment installed.
The 2nd Koga Plant 184.3 kilowatts solar energy generation equipment installed.
Tsukuba Plant 154.3 kilowatts solar energy generation equipment installed.
Magnetic eddy current separation equipment installed.
Tsukuba Plant 1000-ton Guillotine installed, construction of building to house Guillotine
2014 Installed a metal separator
Installed a color metal sorting machine
2016 The former Sowa Plant moved into the site of Okazato Plant and changed the name to Okazato Sowa Plant.

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