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Permits and licenses

ISO 14001 certification
(Head office, Ibaraki Plant, the 2nd Koga Plant, Okazato Plant, Okazato Sowa Plant [former Sowa Plant] and Tsukuba Plant)
Audit and
certification organization
Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality (JACO)
Registration # EC 04J0060
Date of certification May 12, 2004
Date of renewal May 12, 2016
Tender qualification Single qualification for every ministry and agency
(Grade A)
Environmental Rating (Rank B)
Industrial waste
License # Ibaraki Prefecture 0821015294
Classification Intermediate treatment of industrial waste (cutting and compressing)
Workplace Tsukuba Plant, Okazato Plant
Types of industrial waste Scrap metal, waste plastics, waste
glass,concrete waste and ceramic
Woody waste (Okazato Plant only)
Registration as a industrial waste recycler Registration # Ibaraki Prefecture 4013
(Tsukuba Plant)
Ibaraki Prefecture 4014 (Koga Plant)
Ibaraki Prefecture 4015 (Sowa Plant)
Ibaraki Prefecture 4022 (Okazato Plant)
Business Scrap metal
Industrial waste
collection and
License numbers
Tokyo Metropolis 13-00-015294
Ibaraki Pref. 0801015294
Tochigi Pref. 0900015294
Gunma Pref. 1000015294
Saitama Pref. 1106015294
Chiba Pref. 01200015294
Iwaki city 9400015294
Sendai city 05402015294
Yokohama city 56-00-015294
Demolition of
License # Ibaraki Prefectural Governor
(reg. 15) 147
Metal scrap commercial permits, second-hand dealer permit
Automobile demolition
for recycling
License # Ibaraki Prefecture 20084002199
Business Area Pre-demolition (cutting)
Registration as a
recycled material
exporter to China
Registration # A392041139

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