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Solar Energy Generation Equipment

4 plants are installed with solar energy generation equipment

550KW  Manufacturer: Kyocera Corporation

To address environmental issues, we have installed environmental friendly solar energy generating systems with the aim to reduce power consumption.
Through our 4 plants, we provide 550 kW of electricity to power companies.

Part of the cost of installation of this equipment was supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a countermeasure for global warming.

  • Display and meter monitor
    Display and meter monitor

  • Okazato Plant 100kW
    Okazato Plant 100kW
  • Koga Plant 111.6kW
    Koga Plant 111.6kW

  • The 2nd Koga Plant 184.3kW
    The 2nd Koga Plant 184.3kW
  • Tsukuba Plant 154.3kW
    Tsukuba Plant 154.3kW

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