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Koga second factory

Location 14-1 Okazato, Koga, Ibaraki, 3306-0206 Japan
Site area Site:6,965㎡

Outline of processing

We will respond to the selection of all kinds of mixed metal with 5 lines making full use of a wide variety of sorting machines.


Nonferrous sorting plant 5 line
Wind Sorting Machine 1 unit
Trommel screen 1 unit
Eddy current magnetic force sorter 2 units
Color classification sorting machine 1 unit
Metal sensor sorter 1 unit
Zigzag Wind Sorting Machine 1 unit
Hand sorting line 5 units
Magnetic sorting machine 2 units
Dust collector 6 units
Hydraulic Excavator
045 Four club(Hitachi) 1 unit