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Okazato Factory, Koga Okazato Group

Okazato factory

Location 10-3 Okazato, Koga, Ibaraki, Tokyo 306-0206 Japan
Site area Site:18,883㎡/Office:269,79㎡/Factory building:972㎡/Learning center:878,54㎡

Outline of processing

  • ・Process of iron scraps, nonferrous metal scrap (aluminum scraps, copper scraps, stainless steel scraps etc.)


Weigh station 80t 1 unit
New Wide Shear 1000 1 unit
Baling Press 30 1 unit
Hydraulic excavators
04 Rotary fork Yumbo(Mitsubishi) 1 unit
1.4 Grash Yumbo High Arm
1 unit
09 Magnetic Yumbo
1 unit
1.4 Yumbo cutter
1 unit
07 Grapple Yumbo(Kobelco) 1 unit
09 Magnetic Yumbo(Kobelco) 1 unit


Sales car 2 units
Large boxed car 2 units
Large dump truck 1 unit
Track 8 t (HEAVE) 1 unit
Track 7 t (HEAVE) 1 unit
Track 7tflat car 1 unit
7tArm roll car 1 unit
Forklift 3.5t 2 units
2.5t excavator loader 1 unit
Sweeper (Towa) 1 unit
12t arm roll car 1 unit

Koga Okazato Group

The former Sowa Plant relocated within the premises of the Kuri Factory, and changed its name to Koga Okazato Group.

Location 10-3 Okazato,Koga, Ibaraki, 306-0206 Japan

We are steadily trading with 15 household appliance recycling plants nationwide.
We are disassembling / crushing processing of motors and foundation etc.
In particular, we emphasize machining of compressor motors of air conditioners and refrigerators, establish processing schemes considering domestic proper treatment and the environment, we have gained confidence and reliability on occurrence.

Outline of processing

  • ・Compressor motor dismantling processing
  • ・Disassembling / crushing processing of motor
  • ・Crushing process of base
  • ・Dismantling / crushing treatment of various composites


Overhead traveling crane 2t 1 unit
Crusher (150 KW) 1 unit
Magnetic sorting machine 4 unit
Hand sorting conveyor 2 unit
Wheel type compressor cutting machine 4 units
Plasma cutting machine 4 units
Hot water high pressure washer 1 unit


Forklift 4 units