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Taguchi Metals Corporation has continued to strive, and has maintained operations with staying out of the red and no workplace accidents since its establishment in 1970.We strive to become a company that is dedicated to recycling metal resources effectively, promoting environmental conservation, and contributing to local communities through efforts such as collecting even the smallest pieces of metals.

Chairperson and
Managing DirectorTakeshi TAGUCHI

The company was established in 1970, when I was 31 years old.
I was convinced that the scrap metal trade would be a perpetual and promising business and decided to start my own business.
I am from Kumamoto Prefecture and joined Sowa Metals K.K. in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo. Here, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to hear various valuable stories from many company presidents in the same trade, which I have used as reference for my own business.
My father’s farm work education also proved extremely useful in every turn of my life, and in the company, I have always kept a keen eye on maintaining a safe factory environment and also recognize the importance of providing employees with a stable life.
My father and the presidents of the other companies taught me that the foundation in managing a company was to ensure that the employees do not feel uneasy or uncomfortable in performing their tasks and to eliminate dissatisfied in their daily lives. We have been able to carry on operations with staying out of the red and no workplace accidents since its establishment in 1970.
I believe that such achievements were only possible due to the shared awareness of harmony, a spiritual conception of coexistence and mutual prosperity, between the company and its employees. We hope to continue to serve our clients and the society on the basis of this policy.
I have now been appointed as Chairperson, and as my successor, Noriaki Taguchi has been appointed as CEO.
I hope to have your continued patronage for our new CEO.

CEO and Managing DirectorNoriaki TAGUCHI

In November 2013, I, Noriaki Taguchi, assumed the position of CEO of Taguchi Metals Corporation.
On the basis of our corporate philosophy of coexistence and mutual prosperity with the local community, and always putting the benefits of our clients and the local community first, we will strive to maintain operations with staying out of the red and no workplace accidents, a record we have accomplished since our inception.
Succeeding the management policy of my predecessor, we will ensure further technological advances to address the various changes in the metal recycle market, strive to provide a safe workplace and promote environmental conservation.
Employees are valued and nurtured through training and education sessions to ensure that they are capable of meeting the requests of the local community and our clients. We will never be satisfied with our present situation, and will continue to challenge ourselves into the future.
We hope to receive your continued support and patronage as we exert our efforts to keep a beautiful factory, nurture courteous employees, and maintain operations with staying out of the red and no workplace accidents.


Head office
Taguchi Bldg. 1-20-4 Nakaochiai, Shinjuku, Tokyo 161-0032 Japan
Phone: +81 3-5386-1000 Fax: +81 3-3367-7001
November 21, 1974
(Started as Taguchi Shoten in September, 1970)
JPY 20,000,000
Sales and Net Profit
Sales Capital Investment Depreciation Net Profit
2014.8 62,27 0,220 1,10 2,01
2015.8 54,28 0,77 1,91 0,74
2016.8 37,08 1,39 1,36 0,12
2017.8 48,68 1,54 1,26 1,71

(in million dollars) (1 dollar: 100 yen)

Chairperson and Managing Director
President and Managing Director
Senior Managing Director
Kiyoshi ITOU
Executive Director
General Manager of Sales Department
Manager of Operation Department
77 men and women(as of April 2018)
  • Recycling of steelmaking raw materials, nonferrous metal materials and waste home appliances
  • Collection and transportation of industrial waste
  • Intermediate treatment of industrial waste
  • Construction demolition work
  • Automobile demolition for recycling
Associated Company
  • Taguchi Sansho Co., Ltd.(In the premises of Taguchi Metals Corporation)
    Sales of Metalworks


  • Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ(Takadanobaba branch)
    Mizuho Bank(Takadanobaba branch)
    The Shoko Chukin Bank(main office marketing dept.)
    Joyo Bank(Shinjuku branch)

Major Clients(random order)

500 other corporations in the industry(As of April 2018)

Member ship

  • Japan Iron And Steel Recycling Institute
  • Tokyo Recycle Business Cooperative
  • Ibaraki Prefecture Construction and Demolition industries Cooperative
  • Kanto Tetsugen Cooperative
  • Shinjuku Recycle Business Cooperative
  • Shimotsuma Koiki Shigen Cooperative
  • Koga Recycling Cooperative
  • Kogashi Industrial Association
  • Metal Scrap Press Association
  • Kekinzoku Doyukai

Permits and licenses

ISO14001 certification
Audit and certification organization
Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality (JACO)
Date of certification
Date of renewal
Tender qualification
Single qualification for every ministry and agency (Grade A)
Industrial waste treatment
Ibaraki Prefecture 00821015294
Intermediate treatment of industrial waste (cutting and compressing)
Tsukuba Plant, Okazato Plant
Types of industrial waste
Scrap metal, waste plastics, waste glass,concrete waste and ceramic waste Woody waste (Okazato Plant only)
Register waste recycler
Registration number
Ibaraki Pref 4013(Tsukuba Factory)
Ibaraki Pref 4014(Koga factory)
Ibaraki Pref 4022(Okazato Factory)
Business contents
Metal scraps
Industrial waste collection and transportation
License numbers
Tokyo Metropolis 013-00-015294
Ibaraki Pref. 00801015294
Tochigi Pref. 00900015294
Gunma Pref. 01000015294
Saitama Pref. 01106015294
Chiba Pref. 01200015294
Fukushima Pref. 00707015294
Miyagi Pref. 00400015294
Kanagawa Pref. 01400015294
Demolition of
Ibaraki Prefectural Governor(reg. 15) 147
Metal scrap commercial permits, second-hand dealer permit
Automobile demolition for recycling
Ibaraki Prefecture 20084002199
Business Area
Pre-demolition (cutting)
Registration as a recycled material exporter to China


Established Taguchi Shoten in Sowa, Ibaraki (present Koga).
Operation began at Shinjuku Plant.
Dollar Crisis recession
Oil Crisis
Incorporated as Taguchi Metals Corporation
Made Shinjuku Plant the head plant.
Operation began at Ibaraki Plant (Kitatone Industrial Park)
Established Japan Recycling Metals Co., Ltd.(Nippon Saisei Kinzoku).
Established Taguchi Sansho Co. Ltd.
10th Anniversary of Taguchi Metals
Constructed the Taguchi Metals Group Building (Nakaochiai, Shinjuku Ward)
Sowa Plant relocation (sold and relocated from the Kitatone Industrial Park). 60-ton weigh station
Dissolved Japan Recycling Metals Co., Ltd.
Operation began at Tsukuba Plant. 60-ton weigh station
Established Yokohama Office.
Closed Yokohama Office.
Established nonferrous metal sorting plant at Ibaraki (Sowa) Plant
Installed guillotine press at Tsukuba Plant
Operation began at Ibaraki New Yard (present Koga Plant). 80-ton weigh station
Obtained a general construction work license (Tokyo Metropolis).
Obtained a right to direct sales to Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Utsunomiya Plant.
Obtained tender single qualification for every ministry and agency (Grade A).
Obtained an industrial waste treatment license for Tsukuba Plant.
Closed the head plant (for the construction of Metropolitan
Expressway Central Circular Shinjuku Route).
Registered disassembly business (Ibaraki pref.)
Constructed Ibaraki New Yard office building and plant building (present Koga Plant).
Obtained ISO 14001 certification
<4 locations: head office, Koga Plant, Sowa Plant and Tsukuba Plant>
Obtained an automobile demolition and recycling license for Tsukuba Plant.
Obtained a certification for recycled material export to China.
Changed plant names due to city/town mergers.
<Koga Plant (former Ibaraki new Yard) and Sowa Plant
(former Ibaraki Plant)>

Registered as an industrial waste recycler (Ibaraki Pref.)
Operation began at the 2nd Koga Plant.
Operation began at Okazato Plant.Steel and aluminum can processing plant established, Guillotine press installed.80-ton weigh station
Okazato Plant office building is completed
All offices obtained ISO 14001 certification (new for Okazato and the 2nd Koga Plants)
Additions and renovation of the 2nd Koga Plant building.Installed nonferrous metal sorting plant.
Installed 100kw solar power generation equipment at the Okazato Plant.
Koga 2nd area selection line 2 Unit · wind force specific gravity sorter installed
Obtained an industrial waste treatment license for Okazato Plant.
Rebuilt office, and installed 80-ton weigh station and radiation detector at Tsukuba plant.
Installed neodymium extraction machine and core shearing machine at Sowa Plant.
Installed 111.6 kilowatts solar energy generation equipment at Koga Plant.
Installed 184.3 kilowatts solar energy generation equipment at the 2nd Koga Plant.
Installed 154.3 kilowatts solar energy generation equipment at Tsukuba Plant.
Installed magnetic eddy current separation equipment.
Installed 1000-ton Guillotine and constructed the building to house Guillotine at Tsukuba Plant
Installed a metal separator
Installed a color metal sorting machine
The former Sowa Plant moved into the site of Okazato Plant and changed the name to Koga Okazato Group.
Installed scrap metal crusher at Okazato Plant.
Installed x-ray metal sorting machine and wind power metal sorting machine at the 2nd Koga Plant.


ISO14001 certification

In 2003 we began certification acquisition activities of ISO 14001, and in May 2004 we acquired certification at four business sites, the head office, the Koga factory, the total factory and the Tsukuba plant. We will continue to promote environmental conservation activities by effectively recycling

Environmental policy

Since our establishment in 1970, we have developed strong and trusting relationships with local communities and our clients, and strived at keeping our company’s record free of workplace accidents. With the technical skills we have acquired and achievements we have made in our primary business of recycling limited metal resources over the years, we have faithfully contributed to the formation of recycling-oriented society by effectively recycling the metal resources generated by local communities.
Environmental issues are becoming ever more complex. We consider such issues our primary concern and continue to promote environmental protection in close cooperation with local governments and residents.
We hereby establish our basic policies for environmental protection.