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Recycle flow

We think that we want to be a recycling company that can handle all processes safely from all customers, reduce load on the environment and effectively recycle limited metal resources.
We mainly pick up and process iron scrap generated by plant and building dismantling and sorting shredder mixed metal. With mixed metal sorting, we do things with various sorting machines, as well as thorough quality control by carrying out appropriate recycling processing, as well as thoroughly implementing quality management based on the achievements and know-how that we have built over the years.

Iron Recycle

Process iron scrap generated in the Kanto area by facilities such as guillotine (cutting), press (compression), gas (cutting), etc. according to its characteristics and delivered to the domestic electric furnace maker etc. as a steelmaking raw material. It will also be exported to various parts around Southeast Asia.

Guillotine processing (cutting)

Cut a long material such as iron plate, pipe, H steel in a short time according to the size suitable for the supplier

Press processing (compression)

Compress thin materials such as empty cans and new scraps, and reduce it to box shape.

Gas cutting

Guillotine can not process Weight waste machinery and tanks, thick and large materials are reduced by gas cutting.

Cutter for moving (cutting)

A cutting tool is attached to the hydraulic excavator, and a long steel pipe or the like having a relatively thin thickness is cut shortly.

Nonferrous recycling

At our company, shredder mixed metal shredded for automobiles and waste household appliances is sorted according to materials such as aluminum scraps, stainless steel scraps, copper scraps, brass scraps by any sorting machine / hand sorting.
Other nonferrous scraps are made into raw materials by crushing process, plasma cutting, cutter cutting, press working, peeling processing etc. for each kind.

Crushing process

  • ・Crushing raw material that can not be disassembled
  • ・Motor core relation

Plasma disassembly · Wax type plasma disassembly (compressor)

Household electric appliances Air conditioner · The compressor recovered from the refrigerator is cut with plasma and it is separated into iron scraps and copper scraps.
This compressor was temporarily treated (CFC, oil etc.) properly at the household appliance processing factory.

Line sorting / hand sorting

Shredder Mix Metal is selected according to extremely high accuracy and is shipped stably as end user’s furnace material at uniform quality with metal material.
This Mixed Metal is managed and stored metal component data for each source factory and material raw material, and its contents are also reported to the source.
This ingredient report is effectively used as an important material that leads to improvements in shredder plants with great trust from suppliers etc.

Shell cutting (compressor) … Disassembling of compressor without pollution

Household electric appliance Air conditioner · The compressor collected from the refrigerator is cut with a shell cutting machine and separated into iron scrap and motor core. This compressor was properly temporarily treated (CFC, oil, etc.) at the household appliance processing factory.

Plasma cutting

Cut large stainless steel scraps such as stainless steel plants, tanks, pipes and bathtubs to the proper size with plasma.

Press working

Aluminum sash scraps, aluminum cans, etc. are divided for each material, compressed and reduced to box type.

Cutter cutting

Apply a shearing tool to the hydraulic excavator, and cut long pieces such as stainless steel pipes to the appropriate size.

Dismantling the foundation

After disassembling the foundation of household appliances / office automation equipment, crush it with crusher.

Stripping machine

The coated wire is separated into a flow line and a plastic using a peeling machine.