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Recruitment Information List

Job category
Work staff in the factory
General Secretary
Job Description
  • ・Metal transport
  • ・Sorting
    Sorting is done by material (aluminum scraps, stainless steel scraps, copper scraps, brass scraps etc.).
    Please be assured that senior staff will follow you firmly until you get used to it.
    There are cases where it is done by hand and machine is used.
Major task related to “Truck scale Measurement”

  • ・Weighing · Input · Voucher output(Loading capacity at PC×Calculating unit price)
  • ・Payment to customers · Send off
    Repeat the above from several times a dozen times a day.
    It should get used to as soon as 3 months.
    At first we will work with senior staff.
    Other, telephone correspondence and banking, going out to the post office etc.
Monthly wage 210,000 yen ~ 300,000 yen
※Preferential treatment according to age and experience
High school first grade monthly salary 178,000 yen〜
※Preferential treatment according to academic background
Work location Koga factory 1951Kozutsumi, Koga, Ibaraki
Okazato factory 10-3 Okazato, Koga, Ibaraki
Tsukuba factory 1770 Konoyama, Joso, Ibaraki
Working hours 8:00〜17:00
※Somewhat overtime(About 30 minutes a day)
Necessary 4t · Medium size · Large license holder
High school degree and above、Normal license required(AT limited)
※Beginners welcom!(Even without administrative experience。OK if you can input simple PC)
Holiday / Vacation Sunday, holiday, company designated date, paid vacation(From 6 months later)
Hope holidays (public holidays) can be taken 2-3 days。Annual holiday 105 days
Treatment Raised payment once, bonus yearly twice, social insurance outreach, full-time allowance, retirement allowance system available,
Qualification acquisition system (company burden), birth and celebration system, with comfort trip